Thanks for getting my [family member] out of jail with a bond. You were so fast, and he was out in a day. It was incredible! The bond people in my area wanted to charge me three times what you charged and they did not assure a fast release from jail either. Thank you from both of us. Sara G.

How many times immigration denied my case? I believe three. Then I hire your office and my case was recently approved and I have my TPS. Thank you. I can’t believe you did it after 12 years of trying with others. Olga N.

I don’t know how you did it, but you got my husband out of immigration jail with [amount] in bond and before Christmas Eve. It’s incredible! Others that were arrested by immigration at the same time in the same jail had to pay a lot more in bond. Bless you.

Thanks for getting me my work permit through [DACA]. After the fingerprints I just waited for the notice of approval. Some friends went to a consultant and a lady that said she “helped” with immigration matters. The government went to my friends houses to pick them up. You were right, when you trust on the wrong people for this, you will end up in removal. Thanks for your help. Jacinto.

Thanks for getting me out of jail alter requesting and paying the bond for me, then getting me my legal residence. If it was not for your help I would have been deported and would not be in USA. Thanks to you I can be with my family and I did not have to leave them to live in Honduras. May God Bless you. Zenon R.

For two years I had no idea what to do. People said that it was terrible and that I would be deported. You helped me and it was fast. Thanks. Now I have my work permit and it was a lot easier than what people said. It was even cheaper than the “consultant” that said it could help said it would. Luz M.

Thanks JDP for helping me with my immigration case. The notary that was “helping” me took over two thousand dollars charging me each time he saw me to “help” me with my residence; and nothing happened. Then, I hire your office and in two weeks immigration had everything, a month later I had all the receipts and the appointment for fingerprints. Today I am a legal permanent resident and in two years I will contact you to remove my condition on residence. Joel Z. from Ohio; TPS to Residence

Mi case was pending for years, nothing happened. I hire you by paying for the services and in 3 months I had my legal permanent residence approved. I do not know how you did it, the “consultant” that said was helping me charged me a fortune each time he said he was doing something and did nothing; then you came and solved the problems fast and in 3 months I had my residence. Thanks for being so good. Marta M.

Thanks for getting the legal residence for my wife. I never though she would be in US with me so fast. The “consultant” that was making me believe that he was a real attorney charged me so much money, and he did not solve anything. Thanks God I found your office. You will be in my prayers and those of my family forever. Pedro I.

Thanks [JDP] for getting me my papers [legal status]. My son is really happy with you. People said all the time that it was not possible and that my son will get nothing. Then you worked on it and we got what we wanted. May God protect you. Guadalupe J. Appeal among others.

I am not gonna lie, I though your office was not gonna be able to help me but I paid for the service with only the smallest of hopes. When you told me that I needed more services for my case I hired them with as little hope. All others, including attorneys, told me that my spouse will never be legal [legal permanent residence]. You made everything so fast that I could not believe it. My wife is with me and is happy with her work permit while awaiting her residence and can’t stop smiling. She does not have to life in fear of being deported when the police stops her for any little traffic thing. I forwarded your information to the others that said it could not be done so they refer the people to you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and when there is someone from your office in PR let me know to buy them dinner. Raul R. Got the status before the work permit expired.

[JDP] I thank you for your help. You completed my case better than others had tried and now I am finally legal in US and can work without having to even try to use false documents. Thanks. Rigoberto B.

After trying to get my work permit and TPS for 8 years after I failed to register, I got it in 6 months after you sent everything. Now I have TPS again. I am recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks. David G