Terms and Conditions

In general, our office will assist you with your immigration agency matters using the law current at the time of the request in three steps.

First, you hire us for a service paying for it and you become our client. Soon after we will contact you personally to make a few questions and request information needed. You respond to your inquiries. This will be basic information such as dates of birth, country of birth, method of entry and others. We could ask for copies of documents to confirm any of the basic information asked, and other information. The service does not include the cost of acquiring such information since the client will get the information himself. Usually birth certificates, marriage certificates, and such.

Second step: We will receive the documents and information you provided and will prepare everything necessary by law to complete the service requested. We could contact you once more to request additional information if so needed. This additional information will be easy to provide or acquire to submit to us. Once we receive this additional information, if so asked for, we send you the “Service Package”. This “Service Package” will contain all forms required by law, all you provided us after we requested it from you, and everything needed for the filing of the service requested including a mailing label with the correct address in which to send the package. We will also include instructions explaining where to sign, and any additional thing you must include when sending the package to the government. The contents of the package will be thoroughly reviewed by our associated attorneys to confirm that everything is correct and proper to be filed.

Third step: You receive the “Service Package”, sign where it is instructed to, and follow the instructions as to anything else needed before filing your case. Then you put in an envelope, include the government fees we tell you to, and send using the label we provided.

After that you wait for the responses and receipts from immigration and the fingerprint appointment (usually takes 4-9 weeks for the government to respond with both).

All documents, and forms, are properly completed and ready to be accepted by the government; except they are missing your signature. Without your signature the government will return the forms so do not forget to sign where instructed. Do not forget to include the fees and additional documents we include in the instructions we include with the “Service Package”, since the government will return the applications as well.

Other conditions apply subject to the specific service requested. Some services are time sensitive (deadlines are to be followed and are strict) so any delay in submitting the documents to the government after the client receives the “Service Package” will not be our responsibility. Please complete the instructions and send the documents received in the “Service Package” immediately upon receipt to avoid issues with your case or changes in the law that might affect your case.


In general, we do not provide return of fees paid for consultations because the work performed is the consultation itself starting with contacting you.

In general, as to other services, we do not provide refunds once we made contact with you in any form. Therefore, any cancellation for a service must be made before 4 hours of acquiring such service or before we contact you regarding this service you paid for; whichever occurs first. Once we contact you we have already started to work for you and your case.


If you paid for the wrong service and we notice that once we start the process we will provide a credit for the amount paid and the new service will be charged accordingly. Some cases require additional services which we will notify of timely if they are needed. Notwithstanding we will do the service you hired us for with or without that additional service but if the additional service is  critical to your case and you do not hire for it, it is your responsibility to comply with that additional service needed. You will not be notified of additional services needed based on conjecture, belief, of false understanding of the law; only our associated attorneys can confirm that you will need an additional service.


Your payment for services covers the cost of the service hired which includes contacting you personally in any way and possibly more than once, review the current applicable law to your case, and the work related to the service as well as sending you the “Service Package” for that service. An associated attorney of our choice will review the “Service Package” to confirm that all is correct based on the specific facts of your case; he/she will make corrections as needed.

We cannot guarantee the approval of your request with the government since all requests made in relation to immigration matters are approved by the government at the discretion of the government. We can only assure that you will receive in the “Service Package” everything the law requires and demands for a possible favorable application of that discretion by the government based on the facts you provided when we contacted the client. If the client provided false, misleading, or erroneous information be it willfully of by accident the results might vary.

Our services are the same as hiring an attorney in person for your case, except that an attorney will review your case and applications to confirm that everything is correct, he will not represent you as your attorney for your case and you are not his client but ours.

Any information you provide that is not accurate or correct will alter the results.


Your payments are protected by the third party processing them, at the moment “Pay Pal”, using their security methods and not ours.

We will not share any of your information with anyone for any reason whatsoever; your information is private between you and us and no one else. But our third party collecting the payment might share the information you provide at their discretion.

None of our services include the cost of government fees, and these must be included with the applications when sending them in the amount instructed in the provided instructions.

We will dispose of any and all information regarding your case safely within 10 work-days after submitting the “Service Package” to you. Once you receive the “Service Package” or after 10 work days of submitting it, whichever is later, the service the client hired for has been completed and we will have disposed of all your information safely (i.e.: shredded, burned).