How the contracted service works

The process is simple: we contact you and you provide us information. We complete everything needed for your case including the forms and supplemental evidence (and legal argument if so required or needed). We include also clear, specific instructions easy to understand as to where to sign and put dates. We even include a pre-written label to use when sending the signed documents to the immigration office. We send all in a package together.


If your case is an appeal, or other time sensitive service, we will send it to save time and you have to authorize us to sign for you. We will send a copy to you and the originals to the corresponding office.

Some services you hire require additional separate services as a direct consequence of the facts of your case. We will notify you that you need that additional service if needed.

If you pick the wrong service for what you need, do not worry; we will notify you and give you a credit for the service paid for and transfer it to the cost of the service needed. Any excess will be returned. Any amount missing will be charged.